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Five must know things about taxi in Brooklyn

If you are taking a taxi to go to one place to other in Brooklyn, then you must need to remember few basic things to have the best ride. I am assuming you are not sure or aware about these things and that’s why I am going to share those things with you below in this article.

Explain your destination to cabbie: Although a taxi driver in Brooklyn will know almost every place of this city, but then also it is a good idea that you explain about the destination to your driver. If you are not sure about the location, then also you can explain everything that you know and then you can leave the rest on your taxi driver. This process will help you reach faster at your desired destination in a quicker time.

Don’t expect a GPS in taxi: If you are going to take a private cab in Brooklyn then your cabbie might have GPS in it, but if you are taking the yellow taxi in the Brooklyn, then it may or may not have GPS in it. So, if you are assuming that your Brooklyn cab will have GPS in it and your cabbie will be able to use it for your smooth navigation then don’t make this opinion. Also, if you think your cabbie will use his personal GPS or phone for navigation, then also you are wrong because it all depends on your luck

Phone calls are not allowed for cabbie: In Brooklyn and other part of the New York, many taxi drivers, drive their cab like they are participating in formula races. Above to this, they use a phone with headphone and they keep talking on phone while driving. You need to understand that a cabbie is not allowed to talk on phone while driving and if he needs to attend the call, then he need to stop like other drivers. If you notice this you can ask him to disconnect the call or you can complain for same to the taxi provider.

You can stop at multiple locations: If your cabbie claims that he won’t stop at four destinations for four people in Brooklyn, then he is wrong about it. You can ask your driver to stop at as many locations in Brooklyn as many you want and he should not reject your request. However, you need to understand that your meter will keep rolling for every stop and stay and you will have to pay the taxi fare according to meter only.

Maximum 4 people are allowed: Not only taxi drivers in Brooklyn need to follow the rules, but as a customer you also need to follow some simple rules. If you are more than 4 people, then you should take more than one taxi because only 4 passengers are allowed to sit in a taxi in Brooklyn. And if you are not following this rule or if you try to fight with your cabbie, then he may reject you to offer his services because of your ill treated behavior and other similar things.