Taxi Drivers

Those people that regularly take a taxi to or from Brooklyn to any other part of the city mostly make negative opinion for taxi drivers. Here, I am not trying to claim that only Taxi drivers are at fault and passenger from Brooklyn never make any mistake, but many taxi drivers do so many things because of which people make this kind of opinion for cabbies while going to Brooklyn.

Talking about these things that taxi drivers do while going to Brooklyn, I am sharing some of those things here with you.

The worst thing is that they wouldn’t give you any reason and they will practically ask you to get down instead of going to Brooklyn. This is one thing that people do not like at all about Taxi drivers and I am sure you will also not like it.

They drive too fast: Well, this is not just for the Brooklyn, but many taxi drivers drive too fast as if they are practicing for a formula one car rally. I am not saying all the drivers drive their taxi like this, but many people that go to Brooklyn make this kind of complaint and they always wonder why people do it. Frankly, I do not have any answer for that and that’s why I cannot make any comment also on it.

They talk on phone: Practically people are not allowed to talk on phone while driving their care and same rule is applicable for Brooklyn Taxi drivers as well. However, just like other

people taxi drivers also never care for the rules and they talk on phone while talking on phone. Sometime they talk using a headphone and other time they drive with on hand keeping phone in other hand that makes it unsafe for passenger and driver both.

They do the cursing: While driving their taxi to Brooklyn, many time  drivers start cursing to someone without having any reference. People do not understand why driver is doing like this but due to hurry people mostly say nothing to the driver and they keep listening. Needless to say this is because of which people may not like taxi drivers while going to Brooklyn.

Behaving rudely with customers: In addition to other things, sometime taxi drivers do behave in a rude manner also while driving to Brooklyn for any of their customer. However, they are not allowed to have this kind of behavior but they do it and as a result of that customers get a bad experience.

But the good thing about this situation is that customer can make a complaint to the agency if they notice these bad traits from a driver. And when customer will make the complaint with proof, then agency will take the things very seriously and it will make sure that other  drivers do not repeat the same mistake with their customers.